Big Cleanup

Springtime in Carrizo Plains

What time of year do you perform your big cleanup or ōsōji as it is called in Japan? Here in the United States we know it better as spring cleaning. Is it spring, winter or just before the new year? Do you only spring clean once or twice a year or more? Whatever your tradition is, most importantly be sure to create a clean environment at least once per year and especially before you list your home for sale. I found a great article on this very subject which will inspire you and where I found the word ōsōji so I must give credit to where credit is due. I truly enjoyed reading this article and hope you will too!

But what if Spring cleaning in one day is too big a task? Thankfully, I came across another article that breaks down tasks in a 30-day challenge. This will give you some idea of where to start but most importantly just get started. If you only have a little time or your feel overwhelmed, just set your timer for 10 minutes a day. How about enlisting help from the rest of the family? A rotating chore chart could come in handy and teach your kids valuable skills. Get your 30 day spring cleaning challenge here:

My hope is you will have a few minutes to sit down and read both articles and find some inspiration. I would love to hear your thoughts on this very topic. Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Big Cleanup

  1. Thanks for sharing the article for one-day-at-a-time spring cleaning. I just KonMari’d my whole house in about a week and after reading that article, I am wondering how less stressed my life would be right now if I would have taken it one day at a time. Japan really knows what they are doing when it comes to cleaning, right?


    1. In a week,that is impressive! I am glad the one-day-at-a-time spring cleaning article could benefit you the next time you take this task on. Thank you for your reply and may we both be less stressed whether we tackle it all at once or over time. Whatever way you look at it, time to get rid of things that do not bring us joy.


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