A Day in the Life of Kari You Home (How I Kari You Home)

One may ask exactly what it is that I do? In short, I assist people in the process of buying and selling homes. My typical duties include: completing real estate documents, showing homes to buyers, helping sellers prepare to list their home for sale, accompanying clients to inspections, and touring new homes for sale. As a result, there is no such thing as a typical day in the life of a Realtor®. What I love the most about my job is building relationships with other Realtors®, Affiliates, and clients. It makes my job rewarding. Let the following client reviews speak for how I “Kari You home”.

Mark: “Kari was amazing to work with. She was reachable at all hours and made the process of buying as easy as possible. She was attentive to every question and request and was able to provide anything required within a timely fashion. Her schedule was very flexible, which was very important since mine was not.”

Janette: “Kari went above and beyond to be there for us through our search and purchase of our home. She was very knowledgeable and gave us her honest and helpful opinions during a somewhat complicated negotiation. She is a warm and welcoming person to deal with in what could have been a stressful time!”

There is so much more I could tell you about all that my job entails. If you would like to know more, including helping you buy or sell your home, please contact me at kari.schultz@c21home.com. I look forward to helping you “Kari You Home.”

Salty or Sweet?

Maya Angelou once said, “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” I think of what Angelou said quite often because I strive to be kind, compassionate and helpful; I want to make sure at the end of the day, this is how I live my life.

We all desire to belong and have a sense of purpose. Community and relationships can be part of that purpose and built upon how you make the other person feel. I appreciate this heartwarming video that demonstrated how three young men made one widower feel. Thank you, Steve Hartman, of CBS Sunday Morning, for never disappointing and giving us a great example of how to build relationships, community, and belonging.

Share your thoughts. Love to hear from you!

Big Cleanup

Springtime in Carrizo Plains

What time of year do you perform your big cleanup or ōsōji as it is called in Japan? Here in the United States we know it better as spring cleaning. Is it spring, winter or just before the new year? Do you only spring clean once or twice a year or more? Whatever your tradition is, most importantly be sure to create a clean environment at least once per year and especially before you list your home for sale. I found a great article on this very subject which will inspire you and where I found the word ōsōji so I must give credit to where credit is due. I truly enjoyed reading this article and hope you will too! https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2015/12/26/lifestyle/osoji-ways-keep-home-spick-span/#.XL_XzuhKiM8

But what if Spring cleaning in one day is too big a task? Thankfully, I came across another article that breaks down tasks in a 30-day challenge. This will give you some idea of where to start but most importantly just get started. If you only have a little time or your feel overwhelmed, just set your timer for 10 minutes a day. How about enlisting help from the rest of the family? A rotating chore chart could come in handy and teach your kids valuable skills. Get your 30 day spring cleaning challenge here: https://diyprojects.com/cleaning-challenge-30-day-spring/

My hope is you will have a few minutes to sit down and read both articles and find some inspiration. I would love to hear your thoughts on this very topic. Thank you for reading!