About Me

A dear friend of mine encouraged me to become a Realtor because she said I would make a great Realtor while I was helping her sell my home. That left an indelible mark in my mind because of the inspiration she was to me, her strength and ability to persevere in the midst of adversity. This sweet, amazing lady mentored and became truly a mom to me. Unfortunately, she ended up in a wheelchair in her 50’s for unexplained reasons. The same year she passed away, I worked on completing the education required to get my license. Her compassion, care and concern were evident when she genuinely cared about me, my family and our son who had been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. She wanted to understand as much as she could about the disease and supported us every step of the way; we counted ourselves blessed to have known her. I want to uphold her memory along with the inherent characteristics that I had been born and raised with which continue to serve me well as a Realtor.

What qualities make a good Realtor? I believe it’s many things combined and will list them here because they are equally important to me. First, I believe, value, and uphold honesty and integrity. Secondly, I make sure my clients are my top priority by providing excellent communication that includes listening as well as asking questions. So, that I can understand selling motivation, and time frame for buying and selling. I believe being responsive, detail oriented, self motivated and proactive are great skills to have. Finally, not only do I love homes and their architecture, I also appreciate and understand the importance of being knowledgeable about the local housing market. So I make sure to attend local meetings and Broken Open Houses to always stay current. All of this to ensure the ultimate client experience.

I created this blog so that I can make every moment count. Life is about moments and each should be savored and enjoyed. I want to provide valuable information pertaining to Real Estate, inspiration for your home, life, day trips and local happenings. Hopefully, while encompassing as much education and fun as possible so that you will visit my blog regularly.

I make every day count by not only working hard for my clients, but also spending time growing my faith, enjoying love and laughter with my husband and son. We also love to spend time with family and friends. No regrets. Make every moment count!

I look forward to helping you. Please call or text me at 805.602.7730. Feel free to check out my website at www.kariyouhome.com